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About us
G I Jane Bootcamp is a residential women only week long course of high intensity physically training supported by an expert team of councillors & personal health coaches to help you achieve your goals whether physical or emotional. During your week long stay you will be provided with nutritionally balanced food and expert emotional support needed to tackle this inspiring yet tough challenge.

You will be asking your body to do things that you’d never thought possible, and you will be pushing yourself to reach personal goals that you thought were impossible to achieve. You will probably find this to be the most challenging yet invigorating thing you have ever done. Time to feel inspired!

Your Physical Training
During your week at G I Jane Bootcamp you will partake in a diverse list of activities that will strengthen your endurance, cardio levels, strength and general fitness.

The intensive bootcamp training schedule has been carefully designed by our military physical trainers (who have years of experience working and training in our British Forces) and alongside our nutritionally balanced diet plan, this course has been specifically crafted to kick start you into a totally new healthier way of thinking thus giving you a solid foundation to change your life for good!!


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Why Choose G I JANE

  • Unlike other bootcamps, we never have more than 18 clients per week. This means all our clients get the very best out of their time with us.
  • All our trainers are in the military and still serving in the British Armed Forces, therefore fully up to date with all the latest and very best techniques and training advice.
  • We pledge to you that you will leave bootcamp feeling both mentally and physically stronger than when you joined us.
  • No other bootcamp is closer to London with all its excellent travel links.
  • No other bootcamp is closer to the main UK airports Heathrow, Gatwick, City & Stansted.
  • You WILL lose weight & inches.
  • We guarantee that you will lose a dress size in a week.
  • We promise that your experience at G I Jane Bootcamp will be fun!

G I Jane Bootcamp is designed to change you both mentally and physically, our aim at G I Jane is to inspire women to achieve their personal best by rigorous exercise and healthy eating while having fun! G I Jane is designed as a team building program to get our patrons working together and making friends. At the end of your week you will return home with weight & inches lost but friendships and great memories gained. On completion of the Bootcamp your eating habits will have changed due to the carefully designed diet and nutritional advice giving you the tool to succeed in your everyday life.

Mandy Moore Grigg

Dear Sharon,
I cannot put into words how much I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.
What you do at G.I. Jane Bootcamp is amazing and as I always say on my 'Facebook' page; it is my favourite place in the world. I wish I could bottle the feeling I always get when attending camp and gift it to all my friends and family!
I will be 50 this year, but always seem to have the energy of an 18 year old when I am at Bootcamp. The power of healthy eating, exercise and laughter really can change your life and put a spring in your step. I wish that everyone at least once in their lives could experience G.I. Jane Bootcamp, as I know it's a memory they would never forget.

I will be back.
Mandy xx

P.S Give us a job - I would even work for free!






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