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Actually, I'm not exactly unsportsmanlike, and especially since last year, when my 30th birthday came into the house, I got a bit of ambition. As you know, you do not become a disciple any more and if you want to keep up with the 20-year-old Haserln figure-technically, you have to work hard.

A myClubs membership was needed to keep me motivated 3 to 6 times a week (basically a pretty good decision).

When, in addition, a friend asked me if, as a small experiment, I wanted to do a Hell Weekend with her in the fall, in a boot camp in the southeast of England, I was very enthusiastic. The GI Jane Bootcamp, a camp for "woman only". 

As I was almost in top shape, I thought the whole thing would be a walk. I did not have to lose so many kilos, but I still set myself a few goals: 

Fitness Goals:

  •  More fitness: Running is not my strength and certainly not a passion of mine. Run light and graceful? Wrong! I mostly had to work to run, so my condition was accordingly.
  •  Fine Tuning: Especially the small problem areas it should go to the collar.
  •  Way with the bacon: In addition, I would not have been over the one or the other kilos less still not very sad (as a reserve, in case it should come again to excessive food cravings).
  •  Fasting: No coffee, alcohol, carbohydrates (only lowcarb to eat) - the full program.

So my girlfriend and I on the plane to London, already on Thursday, even if the bootcamp did not start until Friday lunchtime. Reason for the early arrival: Go out, go back and eat as many carbohydrates as possible, so as not to starve in the boot camp. 

From Victoria Station it was an hour by train to the countryside. Pure idyll, in the middle of the Garden of England, where Fox and Rabbit say goodnight. The camp, a beautiful old English country estate, reminded me of a Rosemunde Pilcher (or who likes a bit spookier, an old Miss Marple movie). 

Arrived at the camp we were allowed to move into our room and were then measured in detail (arms, legs, chest, stomach, hips) and weighed. (Fortunately everything in Stones & Inches and I have no idea what that meant in centimeters and kilos.)

Then it went to the fitness test. Our coach, Barney, a tall, beefy instructor from some military special unit, had us sit-ups, burpees, pushups, etc. for a minute. My results were great, even our instructor was impressed. Well, until it was out on the field - running was on the program. Barney had pretty high expectations of me and then looked pretty stupid out of the wash, as I crawled over the finish line as the third to the bottom. 

After I had overcome my (running) embarrassment, the first day was already over. What followed the coming days was a bright weekend bad! The motivations of the other participants were very different. There were some who visit this camp over and over again on a regular basis, some wanted to fit in a particular dress, or be in shape for the wedding or honeymoon. 

A classic daily routine:

7.00 clock: Habachtstellung 1.5 hours march (which for Barney was fast walking in his military stride, was for me a 1.5 hour run to keep up with my short legs)

8.30: Breakfast (cereal or porridge, with a few fruits, NO COFFEE) 

9.30: Interval training about 1.5 hours (Golden rule: Always keep moving, who is not busy with an exercise that is running!) 

11.00 am: Snacktime (crispbread with cottage cheese) 

11.30 am: Kettle Bell Workout (1.5 hours) Shoulder Press Triceps Press Clean to press Swing press thruster Arm curl Goblet Squat rows rotation Squat-press Triceps & Run! Run! Run! 

01.00: soup for lunch (that's enough!) 

02.00 clock: Work-Rest-Play (circuit training)

03.30 clock: Snacktime (3 tablespoons of yogurt)

04.00 clock: running unit

05.30 clock: Ice Buket Challenge - This was optional and my highlight of the day. 4 minutes in 3 degrees cold water is super good for the regeneration of the muscles and once you're inside, it's not cold anymore, you just hear it on his body (I could still move on the next day because of my sore muscles Not)

06.00: Dinner - Znoodles (low carb - what else!)

08.00 clock: There was no bedtime, but I could barely keep my eyes open after the program Basically, you have to say that Barney was actually quite "handsome" (he had at least some fans) - but I was, however, hard to project all my frustration over the hard training on him. On the 2nd & 3rd days, I cursed everything and everyone. Behind the scenes, Carol deals with the day to day running of the office and holds the administration together. She is the voice at the end of the phone and the face behind the emails.


Due to the hard training and the strict diet I have really lost a few inches and stones (0, ..). The atmosphere in the boot camp and with the carers was great and the surroundings were beautiful. Even the healthy food tastes good and by the effort you are hardly hungry anyway. The training is more than tough though. What fascinated me most was what such a body basically can endure and afford. Before that, after a training session, I was firm in my belief that I could not do anything the rest of the day - now I know there is much more. (How healthy but such a hardcore program is in question.) For me, regular exercise and a relatively healthy diet are much more meaningful and sustainable - so I'm dedicated to yoga now. But it has always been an experience. In this sense Namasté. 

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